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Fractional COO and Business Operations Consulting

Most CEOs are crappy COOs.

CEOs and COOs come from two different universes. Not only are the duties and skills different, they're entirely different personas. It's almost impossible for one person to be great as a CEO and as a COO at the same time.

The CEO is the visionary, the leader who declares a direction, the what and why. 


The COO determines how, and is responsible for building a logical structure of accountability and resource management. 

Any business that's serious about growth needs both.


Momentum Ops Toolkit

The Core Momentum Toolkit includes:

  • Monthly and Weekly business operations planning system

  • Step-by-step meeting agendas for intention & reflection huddles, executive leadership, sales, marketing, & product teams

  • Scorecard with lead and results measures for each functional area

Optional / as-needed tools:

  • Notebooking Personal Planning Toolkit

  • Positioning Canvas

  • "Instant Sprint" - design sprint research tool


Company culture is not a set of values; it's an agreed-upon set of actions.

/ Paul Graham


2-day Quarterly or Yearly Planning 

Instead of repeating the same frustrations over and over again, create your game of business: What are the rules? What are the roles? How do you keep score? The two-day retreat is where it all begins.

Calm Presence

In this moment, you either have momentum, or you don't. 

The only place we can impact the quality of our experience is now, in the present...and that begins with emotional well-being. Come to terms with forever, with the fact of our fragile existence, and now is truly yours.

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